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Rabi-Ul-Awwal” is the third month in the Islamic Calendar, this month included in the blessed month, this is the most blessed month after the month of “Ramadan” this month of great importance in Islam, this month is very closed to the hearts of people, due to some events that were happened in this month.

“Rabi-Ul-Awwal” is an Arabic word, the word “Rabi” means “Spring” and the word “Awwal” means “First”. So, therefore, the word “Rabi-Ul-Awwal” is also known as “Frist Spring”. The names seem to have to do with the celebration events in the month as "spring" is the end to winter which symbolizes the sadness and grief, whereas the coming of spring symbolizes the Happiness and enjoy. This month have its great importance and significances which are enlisted as follow;

1.    Eid-e-Shuja is celebrated by Muslims on the day of 9 “Rabi-Ul-Awwal
2.    Eid-Miladun-Nabi is celebrated by Muslims throughout the world as they assume it is the day when Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was bestowed to the world as a blessing on the day of 12 “Rabi-Ul-Awwal”
3.    Muslim celebrate the birthday of Imam-Jaffari on the day OF 17 “RABI-UL-AWWAL”
4.    Muslim around the world celebrate the birthday of “UMM KHUTHUM BINT ALI” on the day of 18 “Rabi-Ul-Awwal”

From the above points you call an see, almost all the big personality which did their best for the mankind buy impart us with huge see of knowledge was blessing to the world in this month, and above all our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was born in this year, I think nothing would make the Muslim more happy other than this thing, Muslim used to perform “Milad” in this month, excitation of Holy Quran, Giving food to the poor, and providing them with clothes, in this way we spread happiness and share the blessings with those people who aren’t that much blessed by Allah Almighty.

Now the question is why this month is called as “first spring”? Here is the Answer for it! as the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was born in this month as the spring symbolize the blessing and happiness, so it is mention in the Holy Quran as follow;

“The last messenger of Allah has been sent to you as a blessing, and as a warner form sins”

From this verse you can imagine, why this month is called the month of blessing being a Muslim every Muslim wish to spend this month of blessing in the holy places like medina and mecca and do ziyarats of the holy places, which will in return “RENEW OUR EMMAN”. Keeping in the view these many travel agencies started offering the cheap umrah packages to their value customers, Best Umrah Packages from Birmingham, England with transport 2018. With more facilities at affordable prices.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Adopt Every Good And Abstain From The Evil

We go through the different types of scenarios in our life and indeed there is lots of learning in them. the success is not the one-time opportunity for yourself as it eclipsed with many failures beside you can’t imagine. But the important thing is to keep your hope standards always on the top. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. We usually wish for the big and the remarkable things in our lives but never see the exact way that how we can achieve them. once the time passes it never comes back again.
But if we observe the general trends of being changed then you will show the mesmerizing effects in the personality of human beings regarding the religion or any activity that has left the great impact on the personality of the human. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. There are lots of ways to turn towards the light of faith. You can have religious gatherings as well as have the religious tours with the best Non-Shifting Hajj Agents Packages 2017 For families.

It is in the verses of the Holy Quran that we should immediately accept what the Prophet of Allah give us and we should abstain from what we are being told to do so. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight It is the big statement with respect to its dignity as Allah Almighty ordered to accept those things that are good to you and being advised through the last Prophet of Allah Almighty. as if you adopt the good things for yourself then there is no reason to make even a glance at bad ones. These are the instructions of Quran and for a true Muslim there should not be even one percent doubt in it. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. As a believer, we should adopt the ways through which we can become close to our Almighty.

Though everyone wants to enjoy the realities of life. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight.As the life of the world has its own charms but it is having the deception inside. But if you fulfill all your responsibilities on your shoulders with devotion then there is no need to worry but to have the strong faith that your creator will not let you in any type of misery. Umrah Experts provides inexpensive Three star 2017 Ramadan Umrah packages with family from London with hotel and flight. If you make something good for the sake of Allah Almighty then you receive the great favor in terms of blessings that will keep you out from the circle of evil ways. Therefore, try to adopt the good things and abstain from the evil ways so that you can be succeeded.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Importance Of Islamic Education

These days Muslims are facing a state of downfall due to many different reasons. These reasons include their lack of interest in searching for the golden principles of Islam and finding the context in which those principles were given. Contrary to this, people from other religions have been doing more researches on the Ayat of Quran and Hadith and finding out the context in which these Ayat and hadith were given. Due to these research,

West has been progressing more and more with each passing day whereas Muslims are going towards decline due to the distance they have created with their holy religion Islam.
The sad part is that we, as Muslims, are not even aware of the basic laws of Islam and are not able to convey Allah’s commands to other people because we are not even aware of these then how will we convey it to other properly? Islam has always been a religion of peace. It never spread through swords and knives but with love and knowledge. Knowledge and information about a certain religion are highly compulsory if we want to convey our message to someone. Especially if that message is on the sensitive issue of a religion, then an educated person would always ask the logical explanation with proof, and obviously, that requires a thorough study of Islam so that one can give a solid argument with proper proofs of Ayat and Hadith.

These day many people have been traveling from all over the world to perform the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah by Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah Package with tickets With Luxury Hotels 2017. Surprisingly, many people are not even aware of the proper steps of performing Hajj and Umrah and this shows how little our knowledge of Islam is. Not only is it important for us to gain the knowledge of Islam, but also we should have the ability to convey it to other people as well so that majority of Muslims can gain the benefit of Allah’s blessings when they travel to perform Hajj and Umrah. Sometimes a little mistake can cause a lot of problems performing the holy obligations of Hajj and Umrah so one should have proper education about it before he starts planning for it. Same goes with other acts of Islam like Namaz, fasting, Zakat, etc. Without proper knowledge, we cannot gain the blessings of Allah in a full-fledged form.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Celebration Of Eid Mailad Un Nabi Event In Rabi al-Awwal

Celebration Of  Eid Mailad Un Nabi Event In Rabi al-Awwal

Rabi al-Awwal is the third month of Islamic Lunar Calendar and comes after Safar al-Muzaffar. Azadari (grieving) remains, proceed till the 8th of this current month. The month of Rabi al-Awwal (the First Spring Season) of Islamic Lunar Calendar is no doubt understood in the whole Muslim world as Shahr al-Mawhid (the Month of Birth) of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The exact date of his introduction to the world is questioned among the antiquarians, yet a group of the Muslims had proclaimed the week somewhere around 9th and 17th Rabi al-Awwal as "Usboo al-Wahda" signifying "the week of solidarity amongst Muslims." Muslims everywhere throughout the world are asked to get together and observe (Eid-E-Milad un Nabi) the conception of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for the entire week. Sunnis and Shias are two arms (Bazoo) of the Islam. 

Rabi al-Awwal is an extraordinary month in the Islamic Calendar and it held incredible essentials in the life of adoring Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). As we all know Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was conceived in this month. He started his voyage of Hijrah amid this month and assembled the first Mosque of Islam, Masjid Quba in this month. The chief Jummah was built in this month. 

Consequently Rabi al-Awwal is the month of conception festival of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The conception of the best of Allah's creation and the last to be sent with the perfect message for the direction of mankind on an entire is, without uncertainty, a day to take as one of thanks and love to Allah, the Almighty. Dissimilar to the courses adherents of different beliefs celebrates the births of their specific prophet, the Muslim festival of Eid-E-Milad un Nabi is one in which we assemble to talk about the abundance and support which Allah has favored us with by directing us to the way of Islam and the teachings of the last Messenger of Allah (pbuh). We enjoy Dhikr (recognition) and Fikr (thought) and what it intends to be an adherent of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). 

Eid-E-Milad un Nabi is praised by Muslims with awesome dedication and veneration all through the world. Yet, it has frequently been seen that aficionados don't think about the message of the individual whom they so worship. It just turns into a custom as opposed to event for profound reflection. Muslims likewise allude to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as Mohsin-e-Insaniat i.e. the sponsor of humankind, however, barely care to know in what regard he got to be believable? Thus, we can call him a hero of mankind, just when we follow his teachings in our own lives. 

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Some Main Hadiths On Sadqah

Some Main Hadiths On Sadqah

Sadaqah is called voluntary charity is a good deed in Islam. In detail, it is careful as a proof of one’s faith.  In Quran Allah mention in this context Allah will divest moneylending of all blessing, but will give upsurge for performances of aid or cahairty: for He loves not beings ungrateful and another verse Allah mention and said:
 “That which you stretch in usury for upsurge through the property of (other) persons, will have no upsurge with Allah: but that which you stretch and giving for charity, looking for the Expression of Allah, (will increase); it is those who will get a payment increased. You can also send someone on hajj and umarah in the money of sadqah if you are wealthy it will give you a great benefit in hereafter as well. There are many services available for hajj and umrah in every year like services cheap umrah packages 2017 by Al-hijaz.

The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (PBHU) said in the subsequent true hadith:

  • Malik linked to me from Zayd ibn Aslam from Amr ibn Muadh al-Ashali al-Ansari that his grandma said, "The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and funding him peace, said, “O credulous women! Let nobody of you loathe giving to her neighbor even if it is only a baked ewe's trotter”. 
  • Yahya connected to me from Malik that he caught that a mendicant asked Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and funding him peace, for somewhat while she was abstaining and there was only a loiter of cash in her house. She said to her feminine mawla, "Give it to him." The mawla complained, "You will not have whatever to disruption your fast with." Aisha recurrent, "Give it to him," so she did so. When twilight came, the people of a house or a man who did not often give to them, gave them a sheep and some food to go with it. Aisha, named her mawla and said, "Eat from this. This is healthier than yours loiter of cash."  

Friday, 9 December 2016

Some Good supplication of Different Prophets

Some Good supplication of Different Prophets

Supplication is something which called power to change. Allah Almighty is very kind and lovable. He is actual merciful. He loves his creatures. He is the god of the universe. He is creature of the world. He sent prophets for different nations in different time. Because he thinks best for the human beings. He wants to show right and glorious part to his trouble or the times of difficulties our prophet read some supplications. these supplications are also mention in the Quran and which are very worth full for the Muslims.  They also recite for the reward. they recite it in the time of hajj and Umrah which is very use full for them. they go in hajj and umrah with cheap umrah packages 2017 which are available in every season.

There are many supplication in Quran and as well as in the Book of Hadith like

  • Our Lord! Give us something that our spouses and progeny may be a means of pleasure for us, and permit us to lead others in devoutness. 
  • Our Lord! We have trust on you, so excuse us, and have pity on us, for You are the Best of the kindhearted.'
  • My Lord! Motivate and guide me so that I may recognize You for Your favor which You have given on me and on my parents, and so that I might act virtuously in a manner that will please You; and comprise me (out of Your mercy) among Your virtuous and true servants
  •  All-Glorified You are, O God! You are unconditionally exalted above having any flaws and doing anything incorrect." All praise and thankfulness are for God, the Lord of the universe
  •  O God, complete Master of all territory! You give territory to whom You will, and take away territory from whom You will, and You promote and honor whom You will, and lower whom You will; in Your hand is all decent; surely You have full power over all.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ethical Islam

Ethical Islam

Ethics are the basic pillars for any society. Islam teach us the basic things. how to move and live in the society with general ethics. The values of ethics are often deliberated with respect to gains and benefits to civilization at large. What is good or bad is allegedly strongminded by the rule of the mainstream, with little care assumed to the principles of morality. Islamic ethics differ from the Western idea as these are resulting from God, directly from the Quran, and from the practices of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is so a set of values and actions that is heavenly and exceeds the limitations of time, place and custom. If you want to see basic ethics in Muslims. They are in Hajj and umrah pilgrimage with Cheap Hajj Packages 2017.

Ethic in Islam includes many features; custody the promise is an original Islamic value, and uprightness in words and telling the truth are also Islamic standards. Recurring a deposit to its owner is also a lovely conduct in Islam, a good information for everyone also has been stared as a good behavior in Islam, favoring others over your character is also a good conduct in Islam. All those ethical values were demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) and his friends in their true intelligence and Habits’.

We discovery a lot of Muslims who did not study Islam and its moral Qur’an or commemoration of Allah in a lonely place, you think he is a good person and a keen servant of Allah the Enormous. And this is true, but the matter is same when you see a person who acts people with truth and compassion rendering to the ethical normal of Allah and His Messenger.

system distinguish between adoration and principled acts and good behavior. When persons see, a person presence or praying the five daily prayers they think he is a decent person and keen servant of Allah the Almighty. When you see, a person engrossed in reciting the Glorious